Recent Papers

“Corporate Diversification and the Value of Individual Firms: A Bayesian Approach,” Strategic Management Journal, 2017, 38(2): 322-341, with T. Mackey and J. Dotson.

“Firm-Specific Human Capital Investments as a Signal of General Value: Revisiting Assumptions About Human Capital and How It Is Managed,” Strategic Management Journal, 2017, 38(4): 912-919, with S. Morris, S. Alvarez, and J. Molloy.

“Strategic Networks of Discovery and Creation Entrepreneurs,” European Management Journal, 2017, 35: 198-210, with J. Upson, N. Damaraju, J. Anderson.

“On Opportunities: Philosophical and Empirical Implications,” Academy of Management Review, 2017, 42: 726-730, with S. Alvarez, R. McBride, and R. Wuebker

“Theory Contributions and the AMR Review Process,” Academy of Management Review, 2018, 43(1): 1-4.

“The Role of Senior Management in Opportunity Formation: Direct Involvement or Reactive Selection?” Strategic Management Journal, 2018, 39(5): 1325-1349, with N. Foss and J. Lyngsie.

“A Practical Guide for Making Theory Contributions in Strategic Management,” Strategic Management Journal, 2018, 39(6): 1530-1545, with R. Makadok and R. Burton.

“Positioning a Theory Paper for Publication,” Academy of Management Review, 2018, 43(3): 345-348.

“Why Resource-based Theory’s Model of Profit Appropriation Must Incorporate a Stakeholder Perspective,” Strategic Management Journal, 2018, 39(13): 3305-3325.

“Monopoly Profits, Efficiency Profits, and Teaching Strategic Management,” Academy of Management Learning and Education, 2018, 17(3): 369-373, with Alison Mackey.

“Why Do We Need a Special Issue on New Theoretical Perspectives on Market-based Economic Systems?” Academy of Management Review, 2019, 44(1): 1-5, with S. Rangan.

“Why do Experts Solve Complex Problems Using Open Innovation: Evidence from the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry,” California Management Review, 2019, 62(1): 144-166, with Y. Lee, E. Fong and A. Hawk.

“Contributing to Theory: Opportunities and Challenges,” Academy of Marketing Sciences Review, 2020, 10: 49-55.

“Do Stringent Bankruptcy Laws Always Deter Entrepreneurial Activities? A Study of Cultural Influences,” Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 2020, 45(2): 418 - 439, with N. Damaraju and G. Dess.

“What can Strategy Learn from the Business Model Approach?” Journal of Management Studies, 2020, 58(2): 528-539, with L. Bigelow.

“Measuring Firm Performance in a way that is Consistent with Strategic Management Theory,” Academy of Management Discoveries, 2020, 62(1): 5-7.

“Why We Need a Theory of Stakeholder Governance—and Why This is a Hard Problem,” Academy of Management Review, 2020, 45(3): 499-503, with J. Amis, J. Mahoney, and H.Wang.

“Has the Concept of Opportunity been Fruitful in the Field of Entrepreneurship?” Academy of Management Perspectives, 2020, 34(3): 300-310, with S. Alvarez.

“Insights from Creation Theory: The Uncertain Context Rendered by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2020, 14(4): 552-555, with S. Alvarez.

”Developing a Theory of the Firm for the 21st Century,” Academy of Management Review, 2020, 45(4): 711-716, with S. Alvarez, U. Zander, and A. Afuah.

“Dancing with the Stars: The Practical Value of Theory in Managing Star Employees,” Academy of Management Perspectives, 2021, 35(2), with S. Morris and S. Alvarez.

“The Emergence of Resource-based Theory: A Personal Journey,” Journal of Management, 2021, 47(7): 1663 – 1676.

”Resource-based Theory and the Value Creation Framework,” Journal of Management, 47(7): 1936 – 1955, with D.J. Ketchen, Jr. and M. Wright.

“Bold Voices and New Opportunities: An Expanded Research Agenda for the Resource-Based View,” Journal of Management, 2021, 47(7): 1677 – 1683, with D. J. Ketchen, Jr. and M. Wright.

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